Selected current investments

Don Don
Don Don d.o.o. is the leading industrial bakery operator in former Yugoslavia headquartered in Grosuplje, Slovenia. The company employs ca. 1500 persons today and is engaged in manufacture of bread, fresh pastry goods, cakes and similar products and produces over 500.000 pieces of baked products per day. Don Don annual sales are close to EUR 90 million. KJK Funds invested into Don Don in 2014 and 2015. KJK Funds own 41% of Don Don.

Tomplast group’s main activities are production of plastic components and has in total 290 employees in two locations in Slovenia with ca. EUR 40 million sales (2015). Main clients of the Company are European tier-1 automotive suppliers and companies Electrical, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Furniture and Gardening. KJK Funds acquired Tomplast in 2016 and controls 100% of it together with the company’s management.


Iskra ISD consists of a group of companies, which are engaged in processing of metal and plastics. The group of companies based in Kranj, Slovenia, is a mass producer of constituent parts and components for automotive, electronics industry and for household appliances. Companies in the Iskra ISD group currently employ over 500 people and has sales of ca. EUR 40 million. KJK Funds acquired a majority stake in Iskra in 2014.


Eurohold Group, established in 1995 has expanded to become one of the largest independent financial services groups in the CEE/SEE region. Its operations span across Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Serbia. The non-life insurance business, which is the main part of the company, operates under the Euroins brand. KJK invested in Eurohold in 2014 and owns 12% of the group. The company is listed on Sofia and Warsaw Stock Exchanges.


Teraplast Group is the largest PVC processor in Romania and one of the leading manufacturers of materials for construction and installation market. The Group´s portfolio consists of four business lines: Installations & Decorations, PVC Profiles, PVC Compounds and Thermo-insulating joinery. Teraplast sales are ca. EUR 90 million. The company’s shares are listed on Bukarest stock exchange, KJK owns 10% of Teraplast.


Established in 1996, Leader is one of the largest bicycles producers in Eastern Europe with turnover of EUR 35 million and personnel of more than 500 people. The Company has recently completed an extensive investment into a new factory and warehouse, which will double its production capacity to more than 400 000 bicycles per year. Leader’s product range includes a large variety of high quality bicycles, such as e-bikes, city, mountain, kids, folding, road and fitness bikes. Currently, more than 95% of the production is exported to countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, UK and many more. KJK acquired a 60% stake in Leader in September 2016.


Tallinna Kaubamaja Group AS, listed on Tallinn Stock Echange, is Estonia’s leading diversified retailer with EUR 555 million sales (2015) engaged in operation of a supermarket chain, two department stores, a footwear store chain, a beauty store chain, a security company and retail and a wholesale of cars in the Baltic region. A key to Tallinna Kaubamaja´s success has been its strong market position combined with high brand recognition by its customers. Tallinna Kaubamaja has currently more than 585.000 members in its loyal customer program.

Baltika Group is an international fashion retailer with EUR 50 million sales operating in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, its shares are listed on Tallinn Stock exchange. The Group operates six retail concepts: Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Bastion and Ivo Nikkolo. It uses a vertically integrated business model that combines collection design, manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics and retailing. The Group employs 1.070 people and has 130 stores in seven different countries. In addition to main markets in the Baltic countries, Baltika has currently franchise shops in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Spain. KJK is the largest shareholder in Baltika owning 32% of the company.

AS Tallink Grupp is the leading European ferry operator offering high-quality mini-cruise, passenger transport services and ro-ro cargo services in the Baltic Sea. In addition, Tallink operates five hotels. The company owns the most modern fleet of 16 vessels in the Baltic Sea. The services are provided under the brand names “Tallink” and “Silja Line” on routes between Estonia and Finland, Finland – Sweden, Estonia – Sweden and Latvia – Sweden. Tallink maintains the leading market position on all its main routes. In 2015, Tallink achieved EUR 945 million sales and EUR 181 million EBITDA. The company’s shares are listed on Tallinn stock exchange.

Kovinoplastika Loz
In December 2016 KJK Fund II Balkan Discovery closed the acquisition of Kovinoplastika Loz dd. Kovinoplastika Loz is a globally active production company with EUR 60 million sales and ca. 700 employees, headquarters in Loz, Slovenia. It focuses on production of fittings, kitchen sinks, components and tools, through three main business units: Fittings, Inox, and Toolshop. KJK Balkan Discovery Fund owns 89% of Kovino as of now and is in the process making a mandatory buyout offer for Kovino’s minority shareholders. Kovinoplastika provides unique products and solutions to a vast variety of industries and end-users. It caters to the automotive and construction industry and furniture industry (hardware market), to the HORECA industry, as well as to do-it-yourself enthusiasts and homemakers alike. The company not only offers top quality products to a wide range of customers, but also uses the unique product portfolio to achieve substantial R&D synergies. Company’s fittings and inox products maintain their quality, by closely cooperating with each other and with the Toolshop (and vice-versa), resulting in out-of-the-box solutions that generate growth giving Kovinoplastika Group the edge over competitors.